A passion that started at a young age...

From a young age, I was certain of my calling: to create the evocative musical backdrop that seamlessly intertwines with the emotions of a film or TV show, captivating the hearts of viewers. Drawing inspiration from iconic scores such as those from "Accidental Tourist," "Blade Runner," "Brazil," and "Being There," I embarked on my musical journey by composing cinematic pieces on the piano at the age of 11.  Instead of a picture, my loved ones would often receive a moody piano song on a cassette tape as a Christmas present.

In my musical journey, I am driven by the creation of immersive sonic experiences, whether it's crafting a song or composing music for film. My goal is to evoke a sense of total immersion, where every note, melody, and sound envelops the listener in a distinct mood or atmosphere.


When I perform, whether it's on the piano, guitar, singing, or bass, I aim to transport the audience into the emotional landscape of the music. It's not just about playing the right notes; it's about channeling the essence of the piece, infusing it with passion and sincerity.


Moreover, I'm a perpetual student of music, and often find myself deeply immersed the process of learning and discovery. I believe that the journey of understanding music is never-ending, and I'm always seeking new insights and techniques to refine my craft. Teaching others comes hand in hand with this passion, and I enjoy finding the best way share my knowledge.  I'm dedicated to imparting knowledge effectively and inspiring others. This commitment influences my composition style, aiming for clear, resonant expressions that connect with listeners on a profound emotional level, ensuring my music's intentions are understood and felt.

My writing...

My compositions and abilities draw from a diverse array of influences cultivated throughout my life. In my academic and personal pursuits, I delved into classical piano, jazz, blues, and rock on bass and guitar, as well as audio engineering and various forms of composition, including classical, 20th-century, and experimental styles. At home, my curiosity led me to dissect and appreciate the nuances of alternative, indie, pop, bossa nova, and lounge pop songwriting and production.

Studying the works of film score luminaries like Henry Mancini, John Williams, Thomas Newman, Carter Burwell, Vangelis, and Cliff Martinez further enriched my musical palette. Additionally, my passion for prose and poetry remains a constant source of inspiration.

This diverse background allows me to craft eclectic and evocative soundscapes, such as the haunting electroacoustic score, as well as the moody guitar and bass riffs, and gripping vocal lines featured in the closing title song, "Blue Theme" of "Dahmer," starring Jeremy Renner. Similarly, my wide-ranging experiences inform the curious, bittersweet, and heart-wrenching piano / guitar score and the stirring closing title song, "Hold On," heard in the Emmy Award-winning documentary "Be Good, Smile Pretty."  My passion for humor and the peculiar served as the driving force behind many compositions featured on Showtime's "The O Tapes." Through my unique songwriting and production approach, several of my tracks found their way into films, TV spots, MTV, and the Warner Brothers' music catalog.