C h r i s t i n a  A g a m a n o l i s

M u s i c   f o r  F i l m  a n d  T V

Her compositions contributed to the success of the Emmy Award-winning "Be Good, Smile Pretty" and infused haunting depth into the Independent Spirit Award John Cassavetes nominee "Dahmer," starring Jeremy Renner. Her musical touch flavors Showtime’s “O Tapes” while accompanying award-winning films like "This Girl's Life" at the Milan Film Festival and the Student Academy Award-winning "Wednesday Afternoon."  In Agamanolis' hands, musical landscapes come alive, reflecting a genuine joy in the art of crafting music.  

composer, songwriter

Christina Agamanolis effortlessly navigates the emotional spectrum, seamlessly blending the raw power of live instrumentation with the meticulous nuances of electronic soundscapes to create a distinctive musical realm tailored for film and television.

engineer, producer

Christina received early recognition with a Golden Reel for assistant engineering on "A Low Down Dirty Shame" in ‘94. Her rendition of Rare Bird's "Sympathy" for "Fata Morgana" amassed over half a million plays on SoundCloud.

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